Project E: Recycling

Stichting-HEYOKA is actively involved in recycling. We have a large storage depot available for this purpose, which also serves as a distribution centre.

Our facilities include:
A sorting department
A restoration department
A show/sales department

The projects are organised around the items which are collected by our removals and transport service, colleagues and anyone with an interest in recycling. The project recycles so-called consumable cast-offs, including furniture, clothing, building materials, glass, paper, timber, metal, etc.

Stichting-HEYOKA has a wide range of services, including:
Consumable cast-offs collection service
Allround transport service
Students removal service
Home remocal service
Glass and paper collection service
We also have our own DIY team

The recycling activities will help minimise necessary expences. Consumable cast-offs which are renovated are put on display in our "showroom".

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