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*** Below are a notice board , and up to date announcements from the Foundation-HEYOKA ;
January 2023 ;
Hello everyone ,
It’s a fact that , at this point and moment , in this season ,
it has not all the time nice weather ,
but , anyway ,we start the new year , again with the be of good cheer along to it.
This new year , we are already hard at work ,
with all kinds of meetings in the Foundation HEYOKA ,
And there will be , an expansion with a new location in the program also ,
Because we , have after all , already , started the 28th -year of celebrating of the foundation .
in other words , the Show must go on !
b.t.w ;
The volunteer recruitment campaign for the new Projects this year , has begun.
So ,if you’re interested ???
E-Mail us otherwise, for more information about how or in what …
Greetings from the Chief.